Read First - Watermark Firework Leaflets

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Ok guys, sorry it has had to come to this and i know i made a post about it the other year. But it is = becoming a very big concern among other websites. I will leave nameless, and they may find it funny taking your images without giving you the much needed credit.

If you scan any firework leaflet or take pictures of them, Can you please put your forum username and and the forum you wish to mention it was first seen.

Something like this (Gaz - Seasonal Traditions)

watermarkfireworkleaflets.png fireworkleafletwatermarkfade.png

Place it somewhere it cannot be easily deleted away, such as in the top or bottom corners, they can easily remove them. I would suggest you fade the text and place it over a product or somewhere similar, where it is hard to remove. This will give you the credit you deserves.

Also remember please don't damage the firework leaflet too much, so it's unbearable to read. But make it prominent that you scanned or taken the photo and but the effort in to upload.

If you cannot make a watermark please message me and send me the image and i will do it for you.

Disclaimer:** The Watermarking on these images do not mean seasonal traditions take credit for making/creating the leaflets or pdf files, We have only placed the watermarking on images showing where they have been uploaded to to stop fraud credit gaining. Images that get uploaded to seasonal traditions are for anyone to use. Seasonal Traditions users spend dedicated time/effort in uploading the information for other users and should be given credit where needed.

To other websites/forums:
In the near future, can you please place a link back to the image you are using on your post. To allow the original creditor credit.
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