Epic Fireworks Professional Rocket Box 1


Wizard the 2nd
Firework Name: Professional Rocket Box 1

The Good Bits:
Noise Rating:
Average Price: £244.95
Firework Type: Rocket Box
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Firework Effects: Crackling Chrysanthemums With Coloured Crossettes, Double Breaking Golden Willows, Golden Brocade With Flying Fish
Duration: N/A

Aditional Info:
Category: 3
Safety Distance: 25m
Dimensions: 19cm x 130cm x 28.5cm
Manufacturer: Liuyang Aurora Fireworks
Importer: Epic Fireworks/Jimmy's Wholesale

Personal Comment:
The Professional Rocket Box 1 contains 100% quality/large Rockets. Some of the biggest Rockets in the UK are contained in this box upto 140g. The Professional Rocket Box 1 happens to be my all time favourite for Rockets, i have personally fired the whole box 3 times. The Video bellow really does the Rockets no justice. A must for any Large show and always on my Bonfire night list!

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