Premium Selection Boxes

This is always an area of the market that interests me, so it's one that i'm going to have a good look into in the coming season. I'm hoping to be getting one of the Cosmic Elite boxes to try out, not sure if i'll go for Mars or Jupiter yet but I must say they look like proper good old fashioned selection boxes with plenty of variety in them :) also I'll hopefully get a Kimbolton Gold box, having had the Silver box last year which was the best selection box i've had since Golden Lion's Panther box, which I have high hopes for. That leaves the Primed Alpha/Beta boxes, which i'll have to leave till next year as they're pricey, but they also look very good quality

Has anyone had any of these? or planning to get one this year? Be good to hear anyone's thoughts on them :)


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I haven't had a good selection box for many years.. I do feel this is the year to get some.. it'll be pricey but hopefully worth it!

Theres a couple new ones out this year too that i'd be keen to try, only issue is distance to retailers especially if you only want 1 or 2 items.

Will be trying out a Kimbolton one as not had one for a very long time, and garden centre not far should be stocking them :)
You definitely can't go wrong with the Kimbolton ones @zephieish, the Silver box I had last year was very good for the money I thought, brilliant colours :) and the Viper ones did look impressive, you do struggle to hold hope that they'll ever arrive though lol


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In my opinion the best box on the market is probably the primed alpha and beta judging by the videos, seen it for a really good price somewhere online