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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Here is the current state of poundland this halloween, Thanks again to Halloween UK Facebook Page, Poundland have there products our ready to buy. Halloween

Everything is £1


Halloween Party Decorations
Halloween Party Paper Plates 20 Pack
Halloween Party Paper Napkins 30 Pack 2 Ply
Halloween Party Paper Cups 40 Pack
Pumpkin Halloween Straws 8 Pack
Wipe Clean Halloween Table Cloth
Halloween Party Invitations 8 Pack
Halloween Party Bags 20 Pack
Halloween Cupcake Stand
Halloween Cupcake Set 24 Pack
Halloween Lace Table Cloth 101 X 78cm
Halloween Character Assorted Loot Buckets
Halloween Assorted Felt Bags
Trick Or Treat Cauldron
Halloween Trick Or Treat Bowl
Jumbo Assorted Halloween Inflatable's
Halloween Inflatables 2 Pack
Halloween Bride And Groom
Mummy/skeleton Decoration
Holographic Halloween Skeleton Decoration
Glow In The Dark Hanging Skeleton Decoration 4ft
Halloween Spider Web Garland Party Decoration 2.4m
Halloween Spider Web
Halloween Tinsel 2 Assorted
Halloween Window Gel Decorations Assorted Designs
Happy Halloween Gel Stickers
Halloween Printed Balloons 18 Pack
Ceramic Tea Light Holder Pumpkin 4"
Ceramic Tea Light Holder Ghost 5"
Ceramic Tealight Holder
Halloween Evil Rat
Hanging Bat Party Decoration 6 X 14"
Halloween Giant Spider
Halloween Light Up Spider Decoration
Light Up Ghost Party Decoration 6"
Halloween Spooky Lantern 5.5"
LED Tea Lights 4 Pack
Halloween Paper Lantern 2 Pack
3D Bat Lights 8 Pack
Halloween Light Up Ghosts 10 Pack
Mini Pumpkin Lights 170cm 12 Lights
Spooky Halloween Projector Torches 2 Pack

Halloween Fancy Dress And Accessories

Assorted Childrens Halloween Mask
Icons Of Horror Mask
Halloween Afro Wig Assorted
Halloween Short Bob Wig With Fringe
Long Halloween Wigs Assorted Colours 18"
Black And White Halloween Make-up Kit
Spooky Halloween Make-up Kit With Applicators
Halloween Horror Make-up Kit With Fake Blood
Red & Green Halloween Make-up Kit
Nail And Eyelashes Assorted Colours
Halloween Fake Blood 2 Pack
Blood Spray
Halloween Play Knife With Fake Blood
Horror Teeth Set
Toy Halloween Weapons
Toy Horror Weapons
Horror Glove One Size
Devil's Dress Up Kit 3 Pieces
Halloween Cat Mask And Tail
Devil Wings
Printed Vampire Cape
Pumpkin Dress Up Outfit
Witches Broom
Lacey Trim Witch Hat
Halloween Clip On Hair Piece 2 Pack
Halloween Hat On Headband
Halloween Tights Girls Size - Spider Web / Witches
Halloween Tights Girls Size - Spots And Stripes
Halloween Tights Adult Size - Neon Coloured
Halloween Tights Adult Size Assorted Designs

Trick or Treat

Halloween Character Assorted Loot Buckets
Halloween Assorted Felt Bags
Halloween Trick Or Treat Bowl
Trick Or Treat Cauldron
Halloween Party Invitations 8 Pack
Pumpkin Pail With Sweets 70g
Fruitella Spooky Family Mix 175g
Haribo Halloween Mix 200g
Maoam Halloween Mix 180g
Swizzels Fright Mix 210g
120g Alien Gummies
8x 15g Witches Fingers
Spooky Popping Candy 25 Pack
Glow Stick Pumpkin Pops 144g
Ghost Shaped Marshmallows 160g
Witches Broomstick Marshmallows 150g
Halloween Lick Em' Treat Em' Lolly Pops 250g
Gummy Eye Balls In Net 220g
Gummy Body Parts In Net 160g
Haribo Tangfastics Minis 200g
Haribo Mega Mix Bag 225g
Maoam Chew 10 Pack
Maoam Stripes 180g
Maoam Happy Fruits 200g
Maoam Joystixx 200g
Swizzles Drumstick 21 Pack
Swizzles Loads Of Lollies 189g
Swizzles Loads Of Sweets 189g
Swizzles Loads Of Chews 189g
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