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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Welcome to the new local firework displays and events section! This new section replaces the outdated local events page leading from our the main site.

This new events section is open to everyone to post there local public display and share their opinions on visited displays they have attended. In addition to above, We welcome all event organisers to create threads on public firework displays that are taking place across the UK. This allows Seasonal Traditions members to ask questions and attend any given event that was not known prior. We are hoping in time that this section becomes the biggest local fireworks database of central local events in the UK.

Seasonal Traditions is independent from other events organisers and directories. This is what we work on keeping. Giving you peace and mind that all events are genuine and welcome all bodies to participate.

How to work this new section:

Each event has a prefix, and these prefix are names for a given region. hen a prefix is assigned to a thread. you can click that prefix and it will filter out other prefixes assigned. and only Show the chosen region you have chosen.

Seasonal Traditions Member's:

We all any member to start a thread for a even that is not listed. But please, When you create this new thread, please make sure you have the essential details. Such as the region its in I.E If a firework display is happening in Birmingham. you will need to choose West Midlands within the prefix. Make sure you have the name of the display, whether it's free, donations or purchase tickets, The date of the event, and some details on what to expect at this event. - We allow video posting in the post of previous times that chosen event has happened.

We will remove any events that is not fully complying what we ask with in the thread. There are plenty of events on this section for you to copy by.

Keep it relevant

Given the fact i allow free speech, and a lot of member's have strong opinions on threads. Could i ask you all keep it relevant to the title you are posting in. If you are host of the event please do not post any reviews you have had from people attending as this will be deleted. - Instead try help people who wish to know more. and if you come across any negative post you don't agree with try taking it to a conversation.

Full Forum rules apply to this new section, If you wish to know more the rules for reviewing can be found here:

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