Plans For 2017 Christmas Lights


Sovereign the 6th
Most definitely, I have a project I am wanting to do for Halloween and if this works out, I will most definitely do it for Christmas. But I need to see if it's going to work out before I post more up.


Royal Knight the 4th
The purchases for me this year are looking like a few new sets of battery timer LEDS in bright white to add amongst the trees etc
I think I offically ran out of sockets last year so don't have much choice ha.

Picked up some reduced lights in the Wilko sale at the start of the year, it's a good job they are the connectable kind:)
The only lights we'll be buying new this year, if at all, are for our garden Christmas tree. The current set is 17.5m long, but the tree isn't far shy of 12ft tall now :D
Time for a bump now it's exactly a month till christmas! Our lights will be going up on the 9th and 10th of December, we'll be getting the tree from Langford Lakes as usual, the only other stuff we'll get this year are replacement lights for any that don't work :)


Peasant the 1st
I've started putting lights outside the house today as it was a) a nice non windy morning and b) next Saturday I will be in Milton Keynes supporting the mighty Maidstone United in the FA Cup as we dump that franchise team out!!
Legowrk for the lights will start today, all the outside ones should be up by the end of tomorrow all going well, i forgot how many new sets we got in the sales last year... lol