pets and pyro


Esquire the 5th
Thoughrs on this as its always a hot topic come the 5th

Personally I have a dog and for the past 7 years not had any issues the loud bangs give him a wee jump but im talking loud loud here

What about everyone else hows your experience


Sovereign the 6th
Tbh yes it is a big topic. I always tell my naughbours if they have pets before setting fireworks off always. I just don't see why most pet owners go overboard with trying to ban fireworks.


Esquire the 4th
Our dog is fine when it comes to fireworks...she barks when she first hears them but she soon gets used to it.

We have new neighbors who just moved in a couple of months ago and they have a small dog but they seem decent enough people so I'll let them know a week prior to setting them off.