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To be fair I'd imagine an up to date nec is more helpful. I only mentioned the old one as it turns out that's all I had


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By the way that's the current CE version. We don't know what the BS7114 one originally was, since no BS7114 firework has EVER had a Net Explosive Content (NEC) value...
Does the LOCEF database record and save the NEC of old BS fireworks? The NEC had to be noted somewhere to be classified and stored correctly (although they never put it on the firework itself like they do now with CE regs).
I don't have a login to check if they still hold old NEC records...just wondering if it was available and if it had changed much or at all?

EDIT: Apparently no the NEC is not recorded on old BS stuff, but it will have been on the transport container/box...however, some older items do have their NEC recorded, mostly rockets I believe.
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