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Other Occasions4u 240 Bright White Led Icicle Lights

Discussion in 'Christmas Indoor & Outdoor Lights' started by Dan12, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Dan12


    Royal Knight the 2nd

    240 Icicle Lights

    RRP: £15

    I bought these from poundworld+ last year during the sales for the bargain price of £7.49! These are brilliant and exactly the same as the snowtime ones I bought for £20 before christmas.

    They come with 8 settings, and remember your setting too so you dont have to keep changing the mode.
    20150925_120740.jpg 20150925_120753.jpg
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  2. Somersetpyro Moderator


    Sovereign the 5th

    They look very decent for the price :)
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  3. gaz Administrator


    Sovereign the 3rd

    Very nice Dan.
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  4. zephieish Moderator


    Wizard the 1st

    These seem great value, i'm looking for a replacement set for the outside to go along the guttering on front of the house.
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  5. Dan12


    Royal Knight the 2nd

    Yeah, I bought the exact same ones (differently branded, but there deffinitly the same, same modern plug which ive never seen before on lights etc) for £20 and thought they were a bargain but for £15 there a steal. For the £7.50 I paid after christmas they were amazing! Thats why I got 3 boxes lol.

    For anyone looking for one of these stores this year, its worth a look, you need to find a poundworld but the Extra version;

    Poundworld Plus: Find Your Nearest Store