November 9th To November 30th Server Migrate

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Hi guys

Since we had a major downtime today that lasted more then 14 hours. We apologise for any problems this caused and we have now manage to secure a better and more reliable server.

From the November 9th to November 30th this and out branch website may suffer a number of problems. (Loss of connections, posts not working, and other such issues.) This will be due to use moving to a new server set-up. However, we will have the best of the best team making sure nothing goes wrong and hopefully try keep a uptime during the move.

We have decided to move this early because of of today's downtime and also of the short downtimes we have been suffering over the months during early hours of the mornings.

Me and Rich are confidant the new data-centres will keep the site to it's best performance.

If you have any questions please post here and we will address any concerns.