Notice from Lidl UK


Esquire the 5th

The company WECO Pyrotechnische Fabrik GmbH advises against the use of the Aquila 16-shot fireworks battery production year 2012. Due to a production error the Aquila 16-shot battery could pose a safety risk.

This item is being recalled. This product must be returned to any Lidl UK store for a full refund.

Customers who have bought and used the Aquila 16-shot battery should call our Customer Services Team on 0870 444 1234 to arrange a refund.

All other fireworks sold by Lidl UK do not pose a safety risk.
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Noble the 3rd
I never did buy any Aquila's (thanks to the warnings all over these forums), but its good that they are refunding even if you have used them. Although they are probably required to do so by law.
o well looks like i am taking mine back haha any advice on wat firework to buy for the whole 5 pound i get back from it haha


Esquire the 4th
Pity about this as i have 2 of them but better to be safe than sorry i guess...i'll just get an extra Firefigher instead :)

Are these exclusive to Lidl? as i very much doubt i still have the receipt for them.


Esquire the 2nd
Thanks for the info Bro - I fired one with no problem but still have another so will take it back tomorrow, Shame really


Royal Knight the 3rd
I think we knew this was going to happen in the end though. We all know the issues and i am surprised they have left it so long


Esquire the 4th
Peter Mackett. said:
Taking mine back tomorrow,better to be safe than sorry!,yes,only Lidl sell it so you won't have any problem getting a refund.
Thanks for that...i managed to find the receipt anyway.

I've heard a couple of people saying they didn't refund because they never had a receipt which is pretty shite to be honest...typical of a supermarket though :s
I never got round to taking mines back yet as was too busy with work etc and then last week I got a letter from Lidl assuring me that there was no faults with the Aquila and the most stringent tests had been carried out on these fireworks and no anomalies in performance or quality were revealed,so thanks for the heads up I'll be taking them back asap.


Royal Knight the 3rd
I think you should take the letter as well and get a little more out of them say "lidl had put your safety in jeopardy". Hopefully you get free pyro lol