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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012

First, let me welcome you to the forum. We are aboard, for Halloween, bonfire night, and Christmas and including other holidays, such as easter. We are often asked to why it was created, why have Halloween and Christmas together, and why do we have fireworks on the forums.

As some of you may know us from TFSL Days, Halloween and Christmas were getting posted in the old forum, and an idea sparked. We decided to combine all the topics people liked, to be connected with like-minded people.

Getting Started - Your First post.

Step 1

If you are reading this post, and you are not signed up. You can do so by choosing the Sign up now! Button on the main board, or simply click here. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 2

I will try to keep this simple. - The header Introduction. Desktop View

Step 2 header introduction.png

  1. The red Mark - This is the logo. When you click it no matter where you are on the forum this will send you to the main board page.
  2. The Blue Mark - This allows you to search the forum, simply click it with your mouse. and type in a query.
  3. The Orange Mark - This will highlight when you have a notification after you have interacted with a thread.
  4. The Yellow Mark - This will Highlight when someone has messaged you.
  5. The Green Mark - This is your profile, It will show you the avatar you have chosen when signing up, and the name.
Mobile View


As you can see with the mobile preview, everything has been shortened. The orange, yellow mark and your name have been hidden behind your avatar. Simply press it with your finger, and you will see your options.

Step 3

Making your First Post - Desktop View

step 3 your first post.png

On the main board, you will see the first category called Join the Seasonal Community. This is highlighted in the image above as the red mark.

For your first post, it is always customary to say hello and introduce yourself to the forum, Highlighted above in the blue mark, click the title (Start Here - Come Say Hello!). This will be the same view, in your mobile browser.

step 3 post new thread.png

  1. For the desktop and mobile view, you will see similar to above, on the right, you will see Post New thread button. You will need to choose that. This is where across the entire forums, you will see the button.
step 3 create thread..png

Soon, as you click the thread button, you will be met with a blank field, Fill in all the details similar to above. The red mark, is your thread title, The blue mark, is the text area. Soon as both fields, are filled in. You need to choose the Create thread button highlighted in orange.

If you have followed these steps, Well done you have created your very first post. These steps can be copied, to other parts of the forum.

Forum Rules

Before using the forum, Please look over the rules. The rules explain the basics of what we and we do not accept on the forum. These are the conditions you need to follow when posting or anything else on the forum.

Please take serious not to these rules. (Forum House Rules)

Guide To Posting

Here is a useful point when posting in the Bonfire Night Section.

Remember to keep the content relevant to the forum you are posting in. For example. If you wish to tell someone about a deal you have found, have that posted in the general firework talk.

Posting in the correct forum is a must. The forum is split into different sections, post in the one appropriate for that subject. Don't post non-fireworks chat in the Halloween main forum, for example.

Always try to keep the threads on the topic. If you want to post about something unrelated to an established discussion, This would be a good idea to start a new thread in the relevant forum. This helps to keep things organised and discussions on track, and helpful for people searching for that discussion.

Keep a good eye on what you are discussing keep it constructive. Think on what will this post say what will it offer to your fellow active members.

As stated in the rules, yes we allow all type of form of typing. But please try keeping it so other people can understand it. Don't post one words or 2, make a sentence make it so other people will answer appropriately.

Make sure there are no flames in the post. We don't want people coming along to the forum to use it to flame a member or post insulting or sarcastic remarks. We encourage discrete approach and promote calmness among the members.

Please don't over do it with the excessive quoting. If you need to quote a post only half it this will save on much reading on everyone's part. and stops the duplicate content it will create.
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