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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Hi Everyone

So here is a list of changes for the new site. And before you go on a rampant bashing state over things. Take in mind i have tried my very best to recover most images from the forum threads. But under horrible circumstances that was out of my control. I was unable to get them back.

As some of you may know. This change as been a long time waiting. with current problems i had from a few individuals elsewhere. i decided this change needed to be done.

Main site:
Some of you maybe worrying why the directory and event page have moved and its completely different. i choose to change everything for the better. With me been nuts about fireworks. I thought it was time to express this through the website with everything. The history and guides and so on! You all should have access to all the content around fireworks and bonfire night. If you do not then please let me know. I will try and correct the errors.

A short list you will find on the new site. But please take in mind I have to gradually release these pages so Google do not penalise the site.

1. There is now a complete guide to fireworks, from type to the laws.
2. Over the next few months the Shop directory will return but with a better format.
3. The history of bonfire night. And events!

The Website topic:
I choose to change topic from just fireworks to all UK seasons. This is because there is always a deal to be found. and since i've been running firework leaflets for a few years. I thought it would be wise to use all the other seasons.

The forum is still basically the same. but with added topics. Don't forget you can contact me or Rich through the forum.