New fireworks for Bonfire Night

We are getting ready to post our new brochure out for fireworks for sale this coming Bonfire Night & New Year, if you do not currently receive a copy and would like to please forward us your name and address;

We already have some of our new barrage packs in stock. The Mega Mix is an ideal base for displays of a few hundred pounds and the new Brothers Display Pack and Super Six are ideal bases for larger displays, with big savings off all these packs.

We are also making live on our web site all the new lines for Bonfire Night. Each day for the next couple of weeks new items will be made live for you to pre-order for delivery/collection in October (we have about 300 products on our web site so it is not a 5 minute job). These new items will show as 'available October'. Most will arrive well before October and will change to 'available now' as soon as they arrive in the UK but some products can arrive mid-October so you can easily select products if you require a display now or choose 'available October' items for your Bonfire Night display.

Jordans Fireworks


Sovereign the 6th
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