My 2017 Nye Display


Wizard the 4th
This was rather good with dry clear skies at midnight and just one or two clouds, and went rather well, I started with TNT Large Comet Bomb with it's crackle launch and flying fish in the sky at midnight followed by the two Silver Dart rockets and multiple firing of all the titchy size TNT fountains i.e. Fantastic Fountain and Mini Fountain and quickly going through the fountains in order of size (smallest to biggest ending on the Star Chaser Colourama and Dancing Bugs lit together which imho were rather good and indeed were rather better than current selection box combination fountains of CE spec) and then firing the roman candles out of the Scorching Sirocco and Pyro Time packs and multiple firing the Star Rider Rockets (of which 2 had a wonky flight and exploded over back yards in the vicinity and two had a delayed takeoff and exploding rather lower than expected) and I ended with the 6xshot Party Time barrage around half past midnight which was a nice way to end. Didn't have anywhere to put up the three Big Spinny Wheels so still got those. All BS7114 : Part 2 : 1988 spec fireworks and rather nice I thought ;)