TNT Fireworks Monster

Ngl this box is pretty poor, i wouldn't recommend tbh. Don't do what I did and impulse buy lol

RRP: £15
NEC: 118g
Contains: 8 fountains, 3 candles, 1 shot tube, 1 Mine, 1 wheel, 2 rockets, 1 multishot

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Baronet the1st
How does it compare to the Bright Star Monster? I bought one last night for £6 to test my new electric lighter. Some of the fountains are so small they look like I could light them indoors :p
Yes that does seem pricy. The new Magic box (£7, or 2 for £10) has 115g NEC for anyone interested. It doesn't have the variety that Monster has but you are getting almost the same powder weight for half the price.