men shun

my bright star dealer had 1 of the new men shun cakes and said it was a straight copy of 1of the elite cakes,so not sure if they are all like that. certain the governor isnt a copy.
I was looking at 2 barrage pack a selection box and air hawk rockets for £85 and then going news box and let's party for the rest of my stash thanks for the quick reply guys


Esquire the 5th
well newsbox is probs your best option but see if he can work a deal with you mate as some year round retailers will do it worst they can do is say no
Well I am only ordering around £80 worth so would be hard for him to do a deal on that . I only have a budget of 200 this year and want to go a couple of places to get a good selection but I will lose nothing by asking him thank
I thought Menshun stopped making fireworks about 3 or 4 years ago so are these old stuff someone has found?,so many fireworks seem to be the same thing with a different label on them!