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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Welcome to DIY and Fireworks Video and Stash Showcase, In this forum post up your most or old recent Pictures video and display. We wanted to be a dynamic forum allowing our member to show off their unique stash and display. This allows guests and other members to see what they possibly could have when buying fireworks from supermarkets and ST sponsors.

Here is an FAQ of what to post and not to post in this forum.

Can I post anything up?

We only allows legal fireworks to be posted on this forum, anything from other country or banned fireworks in pictures or videos will be deleted and the poster banned.

Will You Host My Firework Display Video?

We do not directly host video files on the server, we think that it would dumb down our resources. On that that note. If you do not have video services account for whatever reason, then we can place your video file on seasonal traditions youtube account and pass you the link.

What should and should not include in my images?

We are very strict with privacy, our aim is to only highlight that given topic for every threads and post. So if you wish to take pictures of you firework stash. Please blur or delete out any address, images that are not permitted to be shown. if you have images of a car in the background please do the same to the number plate.

This protects you and others of identifying you.

Fireworks need to be legal in the UK, As stated above any fireworks that seem to be from another country or are banned will be deleted. and you account can be banned.

My image is not the right way can you help?

Yes, we can just send the mod team a message and we will download the image onto our personal PC and reupload the correct way. if you are worried about this please take this up with the mod/admin you are talking to.

Can my image be hosted elsewhere?

Yes, they can, we support other image hosting services. But we still encourage you to upload to our servers, as this then stops only other hosting services blocking images over time.

Are there any special rules for this forum?

Our Forum Rules And Guidelines | Seasonal Holidays Forum applies to the entire board so please take your time and read over them.

Do you offer any advice for first timers doing displays?

Yes, we do you can find this information here. Firework For Beginners Guide: Start Here! the beginners guide offers what you need to know about each firework and when buying from supermarkets and sponsors.
Not open for further replies.