Epic Fireworks Mega


Wizard the 2nd
Firework Name: Mega Rocket Pack

The Good Bits:
Noise Rating:
Average Price: £25
Firework Type: Rocket Pack
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Firework Effects: Red Peony, Green Peony, Blue Peony, Red Wave, Silver Wave, Gold Wave, Various Glittering + Falling Leaves, Crackling + Silver Flying Fish
Duration: N/A

Aditional Info:
Category: 3
Safety Distance: 25m
Dimensions: 540mm x 35mm
Manufacturer: Liuyang Aurora Fireworks
Importer: Epic Fireworks/Jimmy's Wholesale

Personal Comment:
A pack of 21x 1.3G Small to Medium Rockets. The Mega Rocket Pack has a large range of effects that would normally be expected in larger more expensive Rockets. These Rockets work out at less than £1 a piece and for 1.3G power they are a pure bargain!

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