Low Noise Christmas Firework Selection


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Is there any call at all for a low noise Christmas themed firework selection box without the bangs whistles and crackles in any firework manufacturers ranges?

It could have coloured sparks, spinners, flying fish, flying bees, flitting bees, cascading chrysanthemum fountain effects, coloured stars, beautiful gold glitter tails, gold and silver pearls, lovely colour wheels, pretty colour star mines, coloured flames, and beautiful sparkles, and wonderful Christmas colours.

I would certainly consider introducing one.
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I don't think so. Not yet anyway, not enough people use fireworks at christmas. However a general low noise box... now it would be a specialist thing, i doubt it'd sell in bulk, but i'd certainly get one
I would love box like that. I usually make up my own selection of low noise items from boxes when I want to be quiet.
Only problem is that you always get left with a load of crackling fountains at the end of the year!