Brothers Pyrotechnics King-dom


Wizard the 2nd
Firework Name: King-Dom Rocket Pack

The Good Bits:
Noise Rating: 8/10
Average Price: £49.99
Firework Type: Rocket Pack
Firework Classification: 1.4G (Meshed)
Firework Effects: Blue Brocade & Silver Glitter, Crackling Willow & Colour Peony, Silver Sunflower, Purple Peony & Time Rain, Red Palm & Silver Glitter.
Duration: N/A

Aditional Info:
NEC: 2x 180g, 2x 120g, 2x 40g
Category: 3
Safety Distance: 25m
Dimensions: N/A
Manufacturer: Brothers Pyrotechnics Inc
Importer: Brothers Pyrotechnics Uk Limited

Personal Comment:
The King-dom is one of the best value rocket packs available in the UK, this pack is the ultimate for value and stunning effects. The 2 King Rockets in the pack contain 180g of composition and one of them closely resembles The King Gold Label. Even the small rockets in the pack have an incredible spread and hang time.



Wizard the 2nd
This would depend on where they are bashed. Could you get a pic up? is the box bashed? or the actual rockets themselves. If the rocket head or body is damaged in anyway then they very well could affect them.

(this should be considered for information only as any rocket can misfire)

rob1981 said:
i have recieved my king dom rocket pack and some are bashed one side will this effect them at all ?