Jonathans Fireworks


Peasant the 1st
Could anyone tell me if they have had any dealings with ther cakes i have a stockest just round corner from me and really interested


Sovereign the 6th
We have got our hands on a few cakes for the review site. I will get some pictures up tomorrow, unfortunately, we didn't get any selection boxes.


Royal Knight the 1st
I'm getting some this year also. I know their selection boxes are supposed to be very good. Hopefully the cakes be too.
I am getting two of Jonathan's selection boxes for myself for Sunday Nov 5th, my favourite is Masquerade and the next one below it : they look pretty substantial having seen contents pix on the web ;)


Esquire the 3rd
Nice one @Gaz & @Rich

I've been looking at some of Jonathan's gear on Firework Crazy's website lately and i'm liking what i see, there's some really nice and varied effects in some of the cakes and i really like the look of their selection boxes :)