Jet blast rockets

Can has anyone used these and know what there like or if someone hasa video i appericate it, trying to work out the best stuff to buy for the wee ones and also me but keep within the strict budget my wife has made me sign lol :( . just now i am thinking it will be either be lidl, asda or aldi or combination within the budget of £35 with £5 being for the pumpkin from asda that my wife likes only way i manage batter up my budget lol

edut my budget as i said £5 budget when it meant to be £35 lol


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Aldi Air Strike Rocket here, I'd imagine this will be similar to the Jet Blast
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if i had abudget of £60 i would be laughing lol mines is £5 with £5 already earmarked for the pumkin fountain from asda which i must admit is quite good. might if i am lucky get to barter up the budget to £45 but i aint holding ym breath as my wife gota point i am l;iterally burning money


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but think about it if you go out at the weekend and drink you basically Peanut Butter and Jelly! the money away with nothing to show with pyro at least you have pwetty colours in the sky :D and the lil ones are amused for a bit
maybe i be better witha cake just means i dnt get to see a rocket lift off lol love watching the rocket take off with there tails if oyu know wha ti mean, but i preffer the big bang and explosion when they go off in the sky so a cake might do better and i probally get oen at a decent price was thinking fire fighter from lidl might do the job
rofl makes me wish i went otu drinking me and wife rarely dirnk so that one wont wash down with her lol pardont eh pun
i have some warhawk would recomend to anybody i will film one and put it on later . they have the loudest bang i have heard of a rocket at such good value better than some worth 5 times the price


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war hawk are pretty much identical to the black mamba's or the old spec black Gemini rockets and just as awesome.


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Good find, great price! Their Demolition Rockets are very cheap too but some of the other stuff outrageous, DRD Platinum £145.. Two please ;)


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Bright star's Tempest is a good cake to buy if can find it for a good price. starts off as a fountain and then 55 shot barrage.
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