Its good news! 25 carat is back!

I emailed lidl a few weeks ago talking about the aquilla and i asked if they was going to bring back the 25 carat for new year. Today i received a phone call from lidl and the woman on the phone said they will be stocking the 25 carat again for new year! :).
Wee Jock the holy pyro nutter! said:
are you sure as it's now LEGALLY a 1.3G firework which lidl don't posses the license to sell or store
I am not sure however this is what lidl have told me so i suppose that they have edited the contents of the firework ?. Or maybe they will just sell it like that anyway, they have done cheeky things like this before.


Wizard the 2nd
I put my bets on it being the same quality firework, atleast of similar quality because after firing Ipanema on bfn i find it hard to believe they are 1.4G, very hard to believe :p


Sovereign the 6th
we shall see on class, Anyone got any information on when they will be selling them for new years?


Peasant the 2nd
Gaz said:
Anyone got any information on when they will be selling them for new years?

I believe Lidl starts selling Fireworks again for new year a couple of days after Christmas, the last few years it been on the 27th but not 100% sure on this years date. I have used 25 Carat plenty of times in some of the smaller back garden shows & in total I have fired about 6 of them, but I have never gone & picked the fireworks up myself so I am unsure on the exact price as they were donated to me, but I have heard they were cheap. Does anyone have an idea of price of this Cake?

I have also fired Ipanema by Weco & from what I remember it was a decent cake for the price :rolleyes:
25 Carat has been sold by Lidl for approximately £6 - £8 throughout the years. They usually knock a few quid off the bonfire night stock when New Year comes along. They are usually released on the 27th.


Peasant the 2nd
Pyrotechnic said:
Hmm, have you got any evidence which could state this?
There has been talk of this on a different fireworks forum & I'm still not sure if this is true, But I doubt it will be of the same quality as it was before as it has been reclassified as 1.3G which lidl is not licensed to sell. So if this is true most likely it will be watered down version of the old 25 Carat to make this 1.4G again.
But If you Pyro mesh some
1.3G you can store it as 1.4G but it would be still 1.3G cake (Display firework Cat3 25m which I believe Lidl are not licensed to sell either). So we will have to wait & see, unless you contact Lidl. [video=youtube]
in lidl now ,they have a poster for new year fireworks. aquilla and carat are not on there the other stuff they had is still there,plus some weco party poppers.


Sovereign the 6th
so only Ipanema, Fire Fighter, Don't look like they are selling it. Unless its on the poster. and even then they should put it on the website.
I am very confused, i have aslo seen that the website states that only some of the fireworks will be sold, i think it is know just a waiting game untill we witness what they are actually stocking in the shops. Sorry if i was wrong but i must say that i only said what i was told by LIDL themselves. :-/