Items i've bought today..

I added two from the Total FX range today,i've not had this brand before but they look good in the videos,i got a "Golden Thunder" which has willows and proper titanium reports and a "Nebula Storm" which has four effects including green crossettes,i'll be adding more stuff tomorrow,i already have fireworks from Brothers,Absolute,Weco,Jonathans,Golden Lion and Kimbolton.


Noble the 3rd
I don't think i will be, lol but i know i'll be standing well back from them when i light them incase they do go wrong, which i hope they don't :)


Royal Knight the 3rd
haha, that gave me a little chuckle... maybe after a few drink they will look like they are going up in the air instead on the ground
Just been to my local garden centre,they are selling Bright Star this year at reduced prices to the RRP,bought quite a few for not a lot of money and they have a large selection too.


Royal Knight the 3rd
I bought the £5 selection box from ASDA for tonight. Not bad for a fiver mind though. gunna enjoy them and warming me up for the big ones for the 5th.


Royal Knight the 3rd
Okay well today I decided to buy more. I got some War hawks rockets and a monster selection box form bright star. The selection box is for my entertainment till the big night and the war hawks are for the big night.