If you could design your own firework


Esquire the 2nd
So if you had the opportunity to design your own firework what would you do?
What type of firework would it be?
What effects woudl it emit
Woul dit be a single shot or multiple
It would have to have a good name - what would you name it?

For me it would have to be something extremely loud, probably a mine with a a quick burst of crackles followed by an eruption of multiple red bursts that would fall into palms. I would call it - waking the dead


Sovereign the 6th
LOL that's sound interesting Rich,

I i could design my own rocket, I would have a Loud, 10/10, Blue and yellow double ring, accompanied at the same time with red and green crackling cloud with a Crown Finnish. Name: Halo ring


Royal Knight the 3rd
I would design a rocket, one what good value too. Be looking a pro sized one for cost of £5. I would have it in red white and blue and have the effect as close to a union jack as I could.


Peasant the 1st
i would make a 100 shot cake of pure noise no effects just a flash would call it (pure desruption) ground shakeing bangs hehe
would be in heaven then :D


Wizard the 2nd
A Wiper style salute cake with proper titanium reports. Would be about 1,000-2,000 shots and fire like windscreen wippers. Duration would be about 60s max. :p
I won't get it done in China, I'd much rather design them myself (after learning about required chemicals and laws of pyrotechnics). Then I would manufacture them in Britain.
Fast fused fanned wiper cake of 24 x 65mm tube mines giving multi coloured crackling comets with a finale of four 100mm tube mines fired simultaneously each tube giving a different coloured bombard spray and titanium report airbombs. That'll be one huge cake for us thump junkies! I'd name it BERSERKER!!!


Royal Knight the 3rd
These ideas should really go under lock and key before TNT makes them and makes them crap cas they didnt make them up to our standards


Sovereign the 6th
10 shot barrage, Firework name, Chav Nation, Effect, Burberry colors hanging in the sky, with a new noise affect you know what i mean...

second firework, rocket, Firework name, Orgasm, effect double Brocade

Third and final firework: 20 shot barrage Firework name, powerd by fairies , effect red, blue, green Chrysanthemum

donut six

Peasant the 2nd
500 shot, 30mm bore of fanned multi-coloured comets breaking into red, purple and blue peonies with whispering tips and willows that hang for 15 seconds, lasting about a minute .. now something like that i would pay at least a tenner for !!
sorry, i would call it .... magnetic minefields