Howdy Folks


Noble the 1st
Been a lurker for many years, every Sept to Nov I get the fever! In fact, thought I had an old account on here but my email didn't show as registered so here I am.
Been on ukfr for about 12 years or more, also on Galactic's forum, i've been around a while!

Got some stuff from Galactic's sale day, also got a shopping list for the final bits I need from Blackpool Fireworks.

When middleton fireworks opens up on the 15th I will go check them out too, Standard Bonfire selection box for £12, I can't say no!

Currently looking for a Maze Runner fountain near to me, found bulldog fireworks in Heywood that have them, not too far away but they don't look familiar to me...may just call in anyway!

I've always been into fireworks since my teenage years, my heyday was the 80's and 90's so I love stuff from back then, Whistling Moon Rockets were fun, pack of 10 for a quid, those were the days!!
My all time favourite brand is probably Golden Lion, great fireworks, great names, I really should start collecting them, I had 10 packs of Bats out of Hell scream rockets and tried to hold on to some....they all went last was a lot of screeches...