How To Work The Firework Directory

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
There as been many changed the the firework Directory since we launched back in 2010. and with listening to much needed feedback i have changed the whole directory structure. giving you a easy way to search for firework shops, firework display company's and now in beta mode local firework display. Below is a tour of the site on how to work the filters and much more.

Searching for a Firework company..
There are many ways to search for a firework company, First off if you wish to search with keyword for a chosen company type in the search bar under the menu (select category >> And your local region.).

Or you could choose the firework category and use the search filters. these search filters will be directed to the shops additional information, So for example if you want a shop that sells just 1.4g in your local area, then choose from the filter drop down menu, type in your town name, click apply, and it will show shops in that area that sells 1.4g class fireworks if any.

Same goes for Local Bonfire display, you can filter out free or paid and months, you can even filter the display company who will be firing.

Firework Company's.
I will allow You can to add your retail website and your display website, You can even add any local firework display that you will be performing. They will show up as long as you fill out the appropriated filter options.

I have also add the Facebook connect so any one can register, for free.

If anyone as any feedback it is very welcome. Cheers Gaz