How many nights of fireworks


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Hopefully, this should turn out interesting, How many nights did you hear fireworks, and how does it compare to last year?

For myself around here, I am still hearing fireworks, but I got to say it didn't start until around the Friday after the fireworks went on sale at the supermarkets. but compared, it has started a lot later, as I can remember hearing them just as we entered October.


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Saturday was the loudest, followed by Friday then Sunday, the actual 5th was a very poor effort this year and seems to be getting less each year. Heard a few on diwali night on and off. Not the same as 10,15 plus years ago though by far. I was the only person in my street to fire anything as usual :rolleyes: . Always a bit of a buzz kill if your the only person making the effort.


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We had some on Friday, Saturday was also a good night, quiet on Sunday and then some decent noises on Monday (Mostly me ;))

Definitely quieter as the years go by, but still plenty about and my local Tesco had a good queue for fireworks!
(Not a great thing for us enthusiasts to see, but at least people are still making the effort and buying)
Heard some Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday down here, monday was busiest by a mile, probably as several pro shows held in very high regard in these parts were on the Saturday. Nothing for Diwali unfortunately, Taunton isn't an overly diverse town lol
Monday was louder than Saturday for us. Fireworks went on for about 8-9 days near me. 7th was probably the loudest guessing Diwali they purchased more barrages this year haha. Still hearing fireworks yesterday and guessing will hear more on the weekend.


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Been having a few odd ones since early Oct, just before the seasonal started selling. (We have a bright star shop all year and that's normal for round here. You know it's from there as almost always you'll hear delta force rockets in there and the odd hawk)

There were a few last Friday, a decent amount on Saturday and quite a lot on Sunday. Monday the 5th hardly any. We had our little garden ones, as did two (I think) other in the neighbourhood. Few off in the distance but nothing much.

Weds started about lunchtime sporadically through the afternoon, picked up about 4 and was still going when I got up for the loo at 2am lol. Incredible amount of pyro for Diwali (it's a big deal around here as on the border to Southall), especially between 5.30pm-midnight. Was a complete wall of sound. Amazing :)

Had a fair few last night too.

Diwali is always good around here but bfn seems to be dying out tbh :/


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Few pops on Thursday, Friday was mine so definitely some noise then lol, sat was a few but weather was really bad, Sunday a few and Monday was loads, 3 hours of bangs etc. Tuesday only a couple. Tbh I don't mind it being confined to one weekend, it makes a mockery of the FAB lot who claim fireworks go off every night 365 days a year. And I know it's supermarket pyro but I'd rather see them selling out and people having pyro than none at all.


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If i was somebody who didn't pay attention to these things then i'd have heard something maybe 12-14 days since Oct 15th.Certainly not every day for months like some people claim... since i do pay attention it was pretty much every day between the 17th and 7th.The 5th is always a step up from any other day here unless it's really bad weather which luckily it hasn't been for a few years now.I reckon there's more stuff goes off here on the 5th than every other day in the first week of November combined.For some reason diwali seems to be a non event up here, maybe there's just not many Asians in my area but it's nothing like vids i've seen from some places where it looks like a second bfn.Sunday was by far the second best day mostly because the weather was pretty bad on the Saturday.2nd and 6th were decent but apart from that it's just the odd pop or bang most nights.


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It started very late in my area probably around Thursday the 2nd and on Guy Fawkes it wasn't anything like last year but then I think most people would have finished their pyro on the 3rd November, then on Wednesday it just nuts because of Diwali... Last year as soon as fireworks went on sale the sounds started very early
In Middlesbrough there were about the same amount of backyard displays on Friday and Saturday nights, sunday was a little quieter but still had some good old boom town going on though.

Monday night, however, goodness me. I've never seen so many fireworks in all my life. It was so intense my entire area was shrouded with smog.