High Priority Updates - Tuesday 7th October

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Essential updates to our core network
Tuesday 7th October from 8pm

What is being performed?
We experienced an unplanned network outage in the early hours of Friday 26th September, due to a critical fault on some of our core systems.

Our system administrators have been in correspondence with our hardware supplier (Dell), who have diagnosed the cause of the outage due to an issue with the existing firmware.

A patch has now been made available to resolve this issue and ensure stability, which we need to install in the immediate future - as delaying this to our normal maintenance windows would expose customers to a high probability of a further unplanned outage (and associated issues from an unplanned outage where services are not 'cleanly' shut down)

As such, this has been scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 7th October.

What will affected customers experience?
Loss of network connectivity during the maintenance work

How long will maintenance last?
Patching will commence from 8pm where one system will be patched at a time to stagger the downgrades and minimise downtime.

Individual services should be affected for no longer than one hour, with the overall maintenance window completed by 1am