Peasant the 2nd
Hello everyone!
I'm Laura. Halloween lover! (Not restricting myself to one event tho! Love Christmas too!)
Love sewing and crafting my own bits and bobs so I've been prowling Hobbycraft already and am currently surrounded by black tulle planning my costume!
Can't wait to read about everyone's plans and ideas!


Sovereign the 6th
Hi Laura, i enjoy all 3, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas. You have certainly joined the right forum and i hope you enjoy posting :)


Esquire the 2nd
Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some of your Halloween creations
:Sinister cauldron:
Welcome.....I love Christmas and love the pics I see. Kept alot of the Christmas pics on my phone. Some will be my wallpaper. The pictures are so beautiful. Beyond describing because of the beauty.