Peasant the 2nd

Im Dan, 25 from Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Not long to go until the big night, Usually have a few fireworks each year with the family so should be good.

Nice forum btw :D


Esquire the 5th
Welcome Dan

any budget this year

hope you enjoy your stay and stay all year round we won't just be a seasonal forum
Hi everyone!,i have been a firework fanatic ever since i can remember and always have a large display in my garden every year on the 5th and another at New Year,been buying fireworks for years and i also have a massive collection of spent fireworks plus several unfired classic fireworks safely stored away,i try to attend as many displays as i can,we have tham all summer round here and i love setting up and firing them too,i could sit and watch them forever!,thanks for setting up this great forum and i hope to contribute regularly!


Sovereign the 6th
Hi Dan welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay here fella :)

Peter you can make a new thread, for people to say hi to you :)


Peasant the 2nd
Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

No budget this year, Usually get a selection box got the Emperor Selection box this year, A few cakes, Rockets etc :)

Si7 Nope that isn't me lol, But thanks for the welcome :)


Noble the 2nd
hi, i'm jay and i found this forum looking for the morrisons fireworks on offer in October. Glad i joined because it is incredibly useful for getting the best possible fireworks and for avoiding the bad ones and it keeps you up to date with what's going off in the pyro world and in the supermarkets.

this forum saved my life as i was going to buy Aquila from lidl but found out it was faulty


hi all
have a big supermarket stash and will soon be getting my new year stash XD
Reading this from the U.S. no holiday here, just a warm up to our impending elections. Have a great time and be safe out there... I will be looking forward to all the pictures. 403 years of celebrations... you guys rock!!!