Hello from Kansas

I don’t know if I should consider myself an Texan or a Kansanite. I was raised in Texas. Born in Massachusetts. And have been in Kansas 15 years now. I live on a 200 acre farm close to a dry river bed. I have an 18 year old cow that I bottle fed named Tinker. A 3 year old horse named Tasha. A LaMacha goat 7 months named Ranch. 5 rescued dogs and 3 generations of Basset Hounds. 4 cats. Chicken and Ducks and a Cockatiel. I spent my life taking care of many people as a care give. I worked Homehealth and Private Care. It was a job I truely loved. I became disabled after I had 2 heart attracts. I just could not do the lifting any more.
As for Christmas I have always loved every part of it from Santa, to Decorations , to the Birth of Jesus. I use to love to go to Midnight Mass as to me it was a wonderful start to going into the New Year. My fav was when I came out with snow on the ground and it sparkled like diamonds on the Earth. I love Fall as well most the colors of fall and the changing of the colors of the leaves. I think this comes from being born in Mass. Thank You for letting me join this group as it does get lonely out here sometimes.
Merry Christmas! Vi and the Country Bumpkins.
I can honestly say I wish it was our land. But alas it belongs to a Company called Cattle Empire. My hubby works for them. But I am so Thankful they found a place where I could keep my critters.