Hello everyone!

I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I love Christmas so much, I always have....I grew up in the UK, Eastern Canada and Western Canada. I have a deep love of Ireland and hope to move there one day. (I have Irish blood, as well as Scottish and Welsh and was born in the UK) It is such a magical time of the year and makes me all warm and fuzzy. I'm not quite sure how this card exchange works?? Can anyone fill me in? I will probably have a limit to how many cards I can send as Canada Post is very expensive, over $1.00 per card, so it adds up quickly. But I'd like to do maybe ten a week? Would be SO exciting to get lots of Xmas cards this year! <3


Sovereign the 6th
Hi Canadian Reindeer,

Welcome to the forum, basically, for the Christmas card exchange, All you have to do is send me a conversation on here, with your address, I add you to a massive list.

On the 1st December, I will send a mass forum conversation to everyone who has joined to do the card exchange, where then you can choose who to send to. :) there is more information here, https://seasonaltraditions.co.uk/threads/christmas-card-exchange-2018.5622/ .