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Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
There is A hamlet on the A264 which runs from tunbridge wells to East Grinstead. This area sits on lay lines and has many links to the occult. East Grinstead also happens to be the hq of the scientology religion.

A few years back my aunt and uncle were travelling mid morning on a hot sunny day on this road. They had just entered Hammerwood and were approaching the bend which curves around the old empty Church. My aunt looks into the car mirror to see what can only be described as a winters day 100 years prior. She saw snow on the ground, a horse and cart and s man in old clothes looking directly at her via the mirror. The next thing that happened can only be described as s miracle. Both my aunt and uncle pass out. The awake several minutes later to find they have travelled round the bend and several hundred metres down the road. The car is unscathed and parked nearly in a small layby. The engine is not running and the keys are out of the ignition and are foundonthe bonnet of the car. Since this day my aunt refuses to travel that way and has to do an extra 10 mile trip to get to East Grinstead.

This is genuinely a true story which had scared our family for the past 7 years. This area is renowned for strange goings on. A few years before I met my missus she travelled down the same Road and one night after returning from her friends house she approached the same corner, she noticed s man stood on the corner but as she was alone she chose to drive past. After exiting the corner her car engine died and so did all the electrics. Petrified she tried to see if the man was still on the bend but he had disappeared. She sat in the car with doors locked for only a few minutes (which felt like hours) then as instantly as the car failed it came back to life. She drove home as fast as she could. Again if we drive that way it does raise the hairs on the back of your neck!
Dec 9, 2013
Wow, that story is way too spooky. I believe in such stories because some had happened to me. The world is full of mysteries you know. I can't escape the fact that I don't know even the 1% of it and that scares the hell out of me.