Halloween is almost upon us


Royal Knight the 3rd
No no fireworks for Halloween... don't want people knocking on my door lol... my money goes on pyro not on kids having sweets lol
The proper day should always be the 5th,it's a shame Halloween seems to overshadow bonfire night now and it's being encouraged to celebrate it,i'm a traditionalist and always try to stick to the proper day weather and work permitting!


Wizard the 2nd
I do love Halloween probably not much less than Bonfire night :). Need to pick up a few Pumpkin Fountains from Asda that will be it for pyro on Halloween then Vodka till the early hours. :heart:


Sovereign the 6th
Pyrotechnic said:
Halloween isnt traditionally celebrated with fireworks, personally I don't see why I should use them, I just wait for the 5th.
Times change,some times people use fireworks for the party, and then end up going to local displays for the 5th :)