Halloween Day Timeline

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Jack Rust-Campbell-Hill

Peasant the 1st
Jan 2, 2015
What does your Halloween day consist of?

I wake up (obviously) with the burst of excitement that it's Halloween!

Ensure I have everything I need for today, which I never do because I'm somewhat unorganised.

Pop out to pick up a few pumpkins, some Halloween themed fireworks as its fun so why not.

Around midday I will carve pumpkins with my partner ready to put out at 4pm.

Once pumpkins are carved I will begin to decorate both the hallway and the outside of the house plus the front garden.

Prepare all of the sweets for the trick or treaters and then go and get into costume so I'm ready at around 4pm, as we tend to get trick or treaters from 4pm onwards.

We are having a semi-Halloween themed dinner at about 7pm which involves rare-medium steak (Snickerdoodle!) with a side of baby back ribs (represent ribs) and chips.

Around 9 we will head out to the house party down the road and enjoy the night, until I want to go home that is lol
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Peasant the 2nd
Mar 24, 2016
wish it was Halloween every day in my thoughts

on the day depending if I have got all pumpkins done day before place them all over out side

then we put all sweets in buckets ready for trick/treaters - decorate the windows but I saw on here about the holograms so might have a think on that one.