Halloween 2019


Noble the 2nd
Hey ppl long time no see I thought I'd make a start for 2019 Halloween wat are we all planning? I've seen a few ideas I will share with u all. In mean time come say hi show me what u got



ST Typo of the Decade Winner!
I'm not actually sure tbh. Had a big makeover at home so dunno where I'm going with it. I have got a few new bits bought on sale after Halloween last year, like a giant skull. Have been starting to think about it all the last week or so
Last year we put up a few sets of Halloween LED lights in the front garden and in the front windows and some fake cobweb stuff around the door.
We actually got rather a lot of visitors as well which was a bit surprising (usually don't see many around here).

This year we'll probably do similar, though we have the front garden as a drive now so may have to put the lights over the cars instead :D


Royal Knight the 4th
It's the middle of summer... So Halloween planning is coming into my head, glad I'm not the only one☺️

We got some lovely comments about our decorations last year so this year the plan is to add more! Got a few bits few bits after last year such as the giant Skull from agos and I will be in the states in the next few months so I am sure there will be lots of bit's I can't resist there too.. Looking forward to the darker nights already, :)