Halloween 2017, On A Budget.


Peasant the 2nd
This year I'm really not going to splash out on the cash as I already have boxes upon boxes UPON boxes of Halloween stuff :) (Last year I spent a whopping £140 alone, and it does all add up, especially when Christmas is just a month or so after)

I'll probably buy a few £1 items in Poundland/Poundworld, and batteries, but that is pretty much about it besides buying a ton load of candy/sweets for trick or treaters.

Anyone else have the same ideas?

It's cool that theres always loads of cool new things, but literally some people use them once for example 2016's Halloween, next thing I know they are being sold off a year later.
Luckily so far many stores seem to be stocking the same old stuff that they have done for years, so no interest there, and the very few new items they do have I'm not all that fussed about, because like you I've spent years slowly building up a collection, much of which I should be trying to get rid of due to storage problems.

Saying that I did pick up a few cheapish items on ebay a couple of months back. *g*

So no, I'm not splashing out this year either....unless I manage to pick up anything in the sales. :D


Noble the 2nd
Im still building my collection altho I do have to limit some years this year i have already spent about £150 but i do want that butler from Costco he looks really good. Think I might have a halloween shopping addiction :oops:


Peasant the 2nd
I actually did a geeky stocktake a couple of days ago so I don't end up going mad. I try to make a plan and stick to the plan but sometimes I get carried away. I tend to reuse my stuff from previous years but I get a bit crafty and try and change it up by cutting things up or painting something. I love Poundland for basics and then turn them into something else. Like a little bag of plastic heads I put them in vases of green water forugly looking decor.