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Oct 15, 2013
Hey all, since this seemed quite popular on the countdown thread thought id give it its own thread since they stock a lot of christmas bits really cheaply and it seems to be updated regularly.

Few stand out offers at the moment,

200 blue white lights (old style bulbs) £2.99
Shop for 200 BLUE WHITE TWINKLING FAIRY LIGHTS at halfcost.co.uk

3 Piece window swirl ropelight (looks to be quite big too!) £5.99
Shop for 3 PIECE WINDOW SWIRL ROPELIGHT at halfcost.co.uk

10 Luxury Crackers- £1.99 (these were £15 in the kleeneze brochure that comes through your door, found on google lol)
Shop for 10 DELUXE SIVER STARFLAKE CRACKERS 14" at halfcost.co.uk

Make your own Christmas Decorations (great for kids) £1
Shop for MAKE YOUR OWN XMAS DECORATIONS at halfcost.co.uk

Little snowman teapot (£8 on ebay)
Shop for SIMON SNOWMAN TEAPOT at halfcost.co.uk

Chelsea Stocking £1
Shop for PERS JUMBO NON WOVEN SACK CHELSEA at halfcost.co.uk

Various packs of tags, cards and wrap from just 10p!
Welcome to halfcost

I first used the website last christmas (found via hukd) and remembered it last week so placed an order. Its really cheap and great when its free delivery. It can take a short while to arrive (around a week) but cant really complain. There is some rubbish on the site that I wouldnt take if it was free lol but most is decent stock.

Its free delivery on £5 spend til 23/11 too!

Il update if I notice any other deals appearing on there ;)
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