Golden Lion Fireworks Old Spec


Noble the 1st
Does anyone know what has happened to Golden Lion Fireworks? A couple of years ago I bought a Roman candle combination called "Werewolf bites the silver bullet" it was shaped like a bullet, grey in colour and about 15 inches tall. I've never had a firework so loud - it broke my Patio! Obviously it must've been old spec, but I'd love to find one!
I think golden lion was part of the cosmic fireworks group but i dont think any more golden lion stuff has been made for a while. cosmic went bust but have been bought out again ,but they are only using cosmic ,astra branding for new products as far as i know.
Yes,they are no more,i'm afraid!,part of the original Cosmic group they ceased trading taking other names along with them such as Flash,Dynasty,Midas,Benwell and others,they have now started up again using the Cosmic Astra names but the range is a lot smaller,i think Golden Lion were fantastic fireworks and there are still shops selling a few lines if you are lucky enough to find them,they used to make a cake called "Mother of Thunder" which was a 72 shot slow fused loud air bomb cake,i fired one at New Year a few years ago and i thought it would never end!,all there fireworks had amusing Chinese names.