Gold Willow or Supercharged


Peasant the 2nd
Need the Forums help in choosing fireworks. Which do you prefer, Gold willow - Epic Fireworks or Supercharged - Epic Fireworks? Both same price & 1.3G but shots & bore size are different.


Esquire the 2nd
Depends what you want to achieve and what you may be combining with but for me I would go for Supercharged.


Peasant the 2nd
Space isn't an issue. Yeah I agree with you crossi, Gold Willow looks to be a more 'wow piece' out of them both! Although supercharged isnt fanned & it has a smaller bore size, it does have more than twice of the amount of shots as gold willow and it's quite a rapid cake unlike Gold willow.
Also in the display there will be Hercules, 2x ThunderKings, Toxic Warlord, Moving Targets, 2x King Cobra or 2x Starring, & War Hawks + maybe a sky thriller.
I might have to leave it to the epic team If I can't decide.


Sovereign the 6th
Hmm but will that extra 5 sec could make a difference. Either one is good, IF it was me I would go for the supercharged. And nice line up... ;)
The nice problem you have with epic , is the massive choice.
For me supercharged starts nice then has the long crackle finish, saying that I wouldn't personally buy gold willow either.
That's the thing with pyro, we all have different preferences.
how about a rogue vipers or say 2x punisher 25 shot cakes which will save some cash. I think 2 smaller cakes together, the same or different but roughly the same length might give a more unique display.