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Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Everyone knows Gaz but how well do you really know him? Well let's find out!

What was your first memory of fireworks?
Well My very first memory was going to my local firework display, my stepdad used to be a manager at a rugby club and we had free passes to go to the event.. Nothing big with fireworks, but I could always remember (Kids setting them off in the field next to it.)

What is your favorite brand of fireworks?
Now I'm not going to say I have tried every single firework brand out there. (I have not) this will change over time. But my current brand is paramount fireworks (echo bombs)

What is your favorite firework type?
if you ask any one its got to be rockets, yes i am the rocket man..

If you had 1k to spend what fireworks would you buy?
My 1k project would be the following.,

1 x Awesome Rocket Volley 25 Shot
2 x Air Boss 38 Shot
2 x Thunder Blast
2 x Supercharged 100 Shot
2 x Screaming Spiders Two 100 Shot
2 x Draco
2 x The King
2 x Green Ball Head
2 x Atomic Tornado 90 Shot
2 x Pro Rocket Volley 25 Shot
3 x Thunderous Finale 80 Shot
3 x Thunderous Finale Two 80 Shot

Home display or public display? and why?
It has to be home display, But i do like togo a local public display.. :)

What's your excuse when the wife/missus/parents etc quizzes how much pyro you have bought.
That she buys clothes, Phone upgrades. Pays for everything else I don't like. (lol) and that i dont ask for much but for pyro once a year.

What is the one firework you buy each year and why?
Now this is a mix if i can get hold of a sky thriller, then that for its huge burst, if not then the green ball head, or the thing.... And if all else fails the echo bomb......

If you own a firework company or shop what would you name it?
I would name my firework shop Andersons firework emporium. Or if I owned a firework display company then it would have sparks fly.

What would your advice be to people who have decided to buy fireworks for the first time?
TBH this would depend on the budget, If you have a small budget then try your look with supermarkets, This year would be Lidl. And if you have a fair bit of Dosh then by all means try a seasonal shop.

Dedicated retailers or seasonal/supermarkets? and why?
I would always try my best to buy from a seasonal retailers. Because it's the whole experience, fun and the content you get.

If you were synchronizing your display to music, what music would you use?
The music would be Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness, just got a thing for this tune. Maybe it's because of the wife who plays it every 5 minutes

Lastly, tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I have a white patch in my hair! And I also have hairy nipples.! Fact