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Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Right guys so the garden centre group have there offerings up and online now. They are offering their usual bogof deals with a range of Kimbolton

Auror Borealis
Multi-tube fountain battery with many colour changes combined with some very loud whistles. This firework is an impressive way to end a small garden display.Save £2 £7.99 RRP £9.99

Jumping Jelly Beans
Manufactured using new techniques this multi-tube fountain produces brilliant sprays of glowing multicoloured '˜blobs'™ that look like jelly beans! £9.99

Mammoth Cone
Erupting to a massive 5m high fountain. This fountain is very spectacular but with very little noise so ideal for those that want something impressive but do not like excessive bangs or whistles. £14.99

Glittering Gemstones
Independently voted again and again as one of the best garden fireworks the UK has to offer. This is a real winner with the whole family.£7.99

Half Price Rockets

Siren Rockets
Siren Rockets Pack of 5 assorted garden rockets, each with a different colour effect. Excellent value for money.£6.49 RRP £12.99

Centaur Rockets
Pack of 8 assorted garden rockets. This selection contains two different sizes of rockets, each of which has a different colour effect.£11.99 RRP £23.99

Cyclops Rockets
Pack of 11 assorted garden rockets. Two different sizes of rocket, and colour effects including glitter, rain, crackle, wave and chrysanthemum.£18.99 RRP £37.99

Half Price Fireworks

Whistling Jet Stream
16 shot cake. Spinning silver tourbillions with loud whistles.£4.99 RRP £9.99

Sky Battle
25 shot cake. Three different alternating effects, including red and silver bombards and golden crackles, give a varied and noisy battery.£14.49 RRP £28.99

Ducks in the Autumn Leaves
36 shot cake. Green to red and orange falling leaves with multicoloured bombettes and hummers.£14.99 RRP £29.99

Volcanic Eruption †
25 shot cake. Coloured pistils erupting into crowns with a finale of timed rain. £14.99 RRP £29.99

Alien War
19 shot cake. An eruption of low level stars followed by a coloured comet star which bursts into a contrasting bombard high in the sky.£18.49 RRP £36.99

Exploding Diamonds †
36 shot cake. Bursts of multi-coloured stars with dazzling white strobes with a crackling finale .£22.49 RRP £44.99

Lightning over the Citrus Grove
64 shot cake. Lemon, orange and lime coloured palm bursts with brilliant silver flashes.£24.99 RRP £49.99

Dragons Fury †
100 shot cake. Waves with coloured stars changing to peonies, followed by crowns with stars to a crackling silver strobe finale.£49.99 RRP £99.99

Shot Cakes

Satan'™s Polar Battle
70 shot cake. A noise battery with bangs, whistles, crackles and screeches.£14.99

Howling Phantoms
100 shot cake. Eerie howling serpents wriggling through a barrage of multicoloured bombettes.£34.99

Royal Fanfare
80 shot cake. A fan of red, white and blue comets arching back and forth with a mixture of red, white and blue bombards bursting high above, followed by a crackling silver rain finale.£109.99

Selection Boxes

Bronze Selection Box
A selection of smaller garden fireworks without any loud bangs. Ideal for appreciation by smaller children.£16.99

Silver Selection Box
A balanced selection of garden fireworks which includes a wider assortment of fountains, candles, cones and a wheel.£21.99

Gold Selection Box
Our largest selection of garden fireworks. Each item has been individually designed to give a balanced and exciting display.£29.99

Platinum Selection Box
Offering a range of fountains, candles, mines and batteries that have been specifically designed for ease of setting up, i.e. no wheels.£59.99

Sparkler Offers

Large Gold Sparklers
A pack of 5 excellent quality traditional 10" sparklers - foil wrapped.5 packs for £3Usually 99p per pack

Monster Gold Sparklers
At 16" these are our longest traditional sparklers. A pack of 4 sparklers - foil wrapped.4 packs for £5 Usually £1.99 per pack
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Oct 13, 2012
some nice stuff ,but ive crossed them off my shopping list this year ,plenty of pyro available elsewhere me thinks .
Sep 28, 2013
nooooo, i was hoping they had the brimstone rockets (gold chrysanthemum) again :(
need to find somewhere local stocking brothers. gotta get a King or 2 :idea:


S-T Fireworks Guardian
Dec 16, 2013
guzz said:
nooooo, i was hoping they had the brimstone rockets (gold chrysanthemum) again :(
need to find somewhere local stocking brothers. gotta get a King or 2 :idea:
All looks very overpriced to me, bronze box with 12 fireworks £17?! Would much rather get something from Taunton's Chaplins (who are stocking Fireworks int., bright star and cosmic for BFN & NYE) or lidl 3 for £20.
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