Fireworks On Tv And Films


Esquire the 2nd
I just saw this trailer advertised on ITV for emmerdale. I'm no fan but looks like some nice fireworks going up. I wonder who organised them.......

I thought we could have a thread of any tv or film clips that feature fireworks.

Here's the trailer

There's been a few:

Channel 5 have that fireworks in home and away advert where characters are wearing masks.
Sky sports. Fake fireworks on screen and says about there "being fireworks" this weekend with the football games.
Morrisons selection pack (with the cake and selection box) advert was on TV earlier.

Then Emmerdale. 1 of tonights episodes showed this lad with a box of rockets. I have taken screen grabs of what he had....


Every single Disney film. Fireworks going off over the castle. Plus I have a little girl and so I saw an episode of Bing called Firework which basically consisted of fireworks the whole episode.


Esquire the 2nd
I was flicking through movie channels the other night and started watching American Ultra. There are plenty of fireworks references and even a fight scene where fireworks are used.

Been looking for a clip but not that easy to find the scene. The one below has a bit right at the end.