Firework Stash Pictures 2018

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I need to look through what i've got to decide what to fire on New Years, going for a short, sharp show this year nice and early, so I can enjoy the contents of my cider fridge lol. Finishing with 2 Gold Rush is all I've got so far
I've not seen the Cosmic 'Devils Wrath' before, Is it an old piece? You can't go wrong with Gold Rush!
Yeah as jezz mentioned, from Hell Raiser, which is a very good pack. And yes gold rush is my favourite garden cake, 2 as a finale is always a good finish
Will there be a stash vid
Not sure I’ll have time tbh mate, been at work the last few days, and tomorrow is going to be busy. If I get time I’ll do one though :)
Excuse the floor mess, decorating that room atm.

Tonight's stash. Basically just odds and sods from my mega stash.

Whirling willow Mine (From a Standard selection box I cant even recall the name of). No idea what it's like. No NEC on packaging. For it's size it's a bit weighty but who knows, could be all clay.

Spellbound selection box (Pure rubbish box, might just light a few bits from it)

2x Banshee thunder rockets (Got over 100 of these rockets in my stash, going sparingly with them as i'm likely never going to get them again).

2x drone attack (down to my last 2 full 8 packs).

Nothing incredible but like I said for BFN, it's only me who likes fireworks out of family and friends so enjoying a display alone and partly only firing to keep up the tradition.

Have a safe 1 all


Funny thing I just noticed, the "Dust falls" 8 shot "roman candle cake" in the spellbound box. From what I remember from firing another ages ago, it's just 8 flare shots. What is the point, aside from to try and justify the value of the box by saying it has a cake?

There's 8 shot roman candles in 1 tube that feature in a lot of selection boxes.
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