Event: Firework Champions 20 August 16 Review

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Royal Knight the 4th
Oct 15, 2013

Wasnt sure if this was the correct place to post this.

So we decided to try out one of the Firework Champions events organised by MLE last night. The nights consist of 3 competitor displays plus a closing display from MLE. We had a brilliant night, different to what we were used to but after reading advice we took chairs and table and a picnic and made a night of it. The weather was poor unfortunatly with heavy showers all night but this was no problem as everyone had brollys over their chairs and still appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Onto the pyro..

The night starts with interviews with each of the teams and there is then a demo of different effects used in the displays. Then onto team one who was PDC fireworks, followed by a short break and then Blitz fired their display. Finally Illusion fired theirs and then MLE as the closing display.

All four displays were great, only problem was the wind which blew the smoke right across the audience and limited a lot of the pyro being visable and seemed to get worse as the night went on, so not ideal atall for pics and videos.

For us the winners were Illusion, they put on a fantastic display with some amazing effects, great music and nice and loud. Some effects I had not seen before but the colours used were amazingly bright.

The actual offical winners of the night were Blitz fireworks, who again put on a great display with some brilliant timing towards the middle of their display.

Overall it was a fantastic night, and although 18pounds a ticket if you go early enough and make a night of it I think this is easily reasonable. We are looking forward to returning next year and I recon this will be an event much like Southport that we will continue to return too.
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