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Essex Fireworks

Noble the 1st
Jun 22, 2013
hi all and welcome to the essex fireworks clearout
air hawks £10 a pack
havoc sames as thunder bolt by brightstar £25 b.o.g.o.f
dungeon hunter lords of war £60 b.o.g.o.f one of each same firework different lable

demons spawn £40
the governor set £130
midnight mayhem £40
royal revenge £40
fanfair finale £25
titanum terrors £25 b.o.g.o.f
rebel rouser £20 b.o.g.o f
ant attack .new music £30 for one of each
56 shot magnolia candle £15 b.o.g.o.f
56 shot red to thunder candle £15 b.o.g.o.f
red dahlia £30 b.o g.o.f
glitter supreme £25
pro fx 2.5 inch ball head rockets x 12 to a case £50
space invader rockets £10 a pack
barrel £30 b.o.g.o f
ballistic box x12 barrages £120 get free pack of kong rockets free 13 to the pack
bin the demon x1 and b52 x1 £70 the pair or a case of two the same
goliath £70 b.o.g.o.f
big bang 2 x 100 shot barrages only 5 left £90
god father set only one left £175
bone shaker only 2 left £80
merlin only 2 left £40
hex only 1 left £40
many more other bits and bobs in stock from jorge magnum celtic and sovereign and royal party
pm or call 07889138768 for details

This offer has been extended for February due to high demand plus many other bits not on website
Pm or call for list and prices