Favourite Holiday Tradition

What are some Christmas traditions you do? What's your favourite tradition?
For my family, we always go to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We also only get 4 gifts at Christmas. We get something we want, something we need, something to read and something to wear. We then will go through our things and give things that we don't need
or want any more such as clothes that don't fit, books we no longer read, toys we no longer play with etc. and we go and donate them to people who are less fortunate. This is my favourite tradition as I love giving back to my community all year long but especially at Christmas. It makes me feel good knowing that there may be a little girl out there whose parents couldn't afford to get her a new snowsuit and now she can have one because I just donated one. That sort of thing throughout the year is a feeling I love having. My passion is helping people and that's something I will always do.
Wow, I feel rather bad that after that, I'm gonna post that our only real tradition is getting rather drunk and playing cards till the small hours with all the family round :oops::ROFLMAO: