Favorite effect?


Wizard the 2nd
You're Favourite Effect?

Just thinking about firework effects and was wondering What is your favourite firework effect? Mine are Crossettes and Willows mainly. I do like loud pyro but crossettes are so stunning. :)


Esquire the 5th
RE: You're Favourite Effect?

anything that has a double or triple burst granted these mostly appear in shells but the odd rocket pops up now and again
RE: You're Favourite Effect?

The one effect that really gets on my nerves is crackling stars!,it seems what was once a novelty is now in nearly every firework,bring back air bombs,i say!,so many fireworks these days have the same effects that is why i always shop around for something different,i like noise,bangs,whistles and hummers!


Noble the 1st
I was wondering what your favorite effect was guys? Is it peonies, palms, willows or something else? Personally i am a MASSIVE fan of pink crossettes, but what do you think?